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Dragon's Breath

As Dragon's breath

breathes down my neck,

I read of things to come.

Around me I hear

cries of others-

not ready-

not knowing-


Unable to understand-

blindly following-

as Satan takes

a lead.

I continue to read as

distractions try to

pull me away.

God keeps me strong.

God tells me what to say.

Knowledge is-

Satan's enemy.

The dragon's breath

is growing hotter.

It is burning into

my very soul.

The dragon takes me

to a place.

Screams fill the air.

There are demons


A great stench

fills the air.

God is with me,

I feel his presence.

My heart holds

no fear.

As a great fire

engulfs me-

He puts it out-

with a tear.

God loves us all.

Even though we

may stray.

God will never

leave us.

We need to stay strong

until the very end.

Help others to


Keep God in your

heart always.

The Sun will grow dark

and the moon will shine

no more.

Through the darkness

there comes a light.

Jesus has returned.

With him comes

forgiveness for many.

Jesus cries

for the souls who never

accepted him.

The knowledge

they never obtained.

With a broken heart,

he binds them with chains.

Into the pit

he sends them

as many ask

for forgiveness.

His numbers are complete.

He seals the pit.

He walks away from

the cries.


one day-

Jesus will listen again.
Barbara A Ross

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