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Let There be Light 

The anticipation of Christmas, the time spent preparing our house and lives for this special event, is the highlight of my year.
We light up our house and yard with a multitude of lights. Sparkling white lights resembling the halo of an angel awaiting Christ's birth are individually clipped onto the trim of our house. Each light is turned up pointing towards heaven.
Our trees, bushes, shrubs and fence line twinkle with bright lights representing the star on the night of Christ's birth.
In the center of our side yard is a simple, homemade manger symbolizing the lowly place of his birth, and a gentle reminder to all who pass by that Christmas and all its lights are about Christ.
Then there's the star above the manger shining down on all the figures depicting the birth of Christ. Even today when my family and I see a star above a manger, we feel a pull to follow it, and to once again gaze upon the reenactment of Christ Birth.

Barbara A Ross

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