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I Would Have Loved To Have Known You

We never met
still my heart grieves
I heard you have gone to heaven
It's your time to rest.

My Dad always spoke of you
Grandpa loved you so
I know you were a wonderful person
I loved you too.

I wish we had met
the hugs we would have shared
I love to give kisses
I will blow you one in the air.

I am excited
Grandpa is coming soon
I remember when he was here once before
Now he will make a home.

Someday when I am older
I would like to visit the places you lived
To meet our family
to make my life complete.

For now you are in heaven
it's a wonderful place I hear.
God is taking care of you
and my other friends there.

Someday we will meet
Our hugs we will share
Stories you will tell me
My life will be complete

I fill this paper with kisses
To you I will send
In the ashes of this poem
They will travel to you in the wind.

Love to Great Grandma from Jasmine and Drake

by Barbara A Ross

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