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Sleigh Ride

Elizabeth J
went out to play.
In the deep snow
she rode her red sleigh.

Down a steep hill
pass a goat eating hay,
Elizabeth J
was going the wrong way!

Faster and faster
went Elizabeth J
over the crisp snow
she rode her red sleigh.

Elizabeth J
tried to stop,
then she began spinning
like a big red top!

Around and around
spun Elizabeth J
Around and around
on her red sleigh.

Elizabeth J
was getting quite dizzy
As she lay on her sleigh
feeling quite queasy.

Elizabeth J
finally stopped.
She popped off her sleigh
like a jack-in-the-box.

In a pile of snow
she fell with a thump.
Soft as a pillow
she landed on her rump.

Back up the hill
went Elizabeth J.
Next time,
she will go the right way.

Barbara A Ross

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